• What is Tiffany Goliday Photography's Style?

    Photojournalism! There’s nothing like capturing raw, organic moments, from the joy on a couple’s face to the happy tears shed during the ceremony. Those unplanned moments are glimpses into the emotion and excitement of the day, and to me, that’s what weddings are all about! Your style test results help us understand everything about your day, your style and the way you imagine it. However, the true style of the images you receive is driven by you. I take the time to get to know your vision, because every wedding has its own special aesthetic and its own special story. For families, seniors, and special events, I get to know your needs and intertwine them into my photography style. I work closely with you to learn what you like and how I can deliver quality photographs for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

  • I loved working with Tiffany Goliday Photography. How can I help others find you?

    Thank you!! I want to spread the word as much as you do. The best places to leave feedback are on my Facebook page, Instagram account, Twitter, and Google Plus.

  • Do you shoot in black and white, or just color?

    All of our images are shot in color, but you can easily request the photos to match your particular preference prior to your photo session. Prior to placing an order, you can preview any image in black and white with no charge!

  • How many photos will you shoot?

    Every wedding is different; however, typically I shoot between 50-75 images per hour...so for an 8 hour wedding, between 400-600! Wow! Sometimes more! ...it's a surprise! :) For engagement sessions, I shoot about 15-20 photos per hour. All that said...I always try to give you a little more! xoxo

  • Do you edit every photo that you take?

    Yes! Phew, it's a lot of work, but totally worth it for you! There are different levels of editing. Some photos receive level 1 editing for color, lighting, and balance. The photos that I deem are the best will receive level 2 editing for skin softening, color enhancement and filters, and all that jazz. You can request level 3 editing, at an additional cost, if you'd like something removed from an image, added to an image, or something that requires some Photoshop Surgery!

  • How far will you travel?

    As far as you'd like! There is a travel fee if your event is more than 15 miles outside of Utica, MI.

  • How long will it take you to finish my pictures?

    Greatness takes time. LOL Really! It does! But....I realize how excited and anxious you are to see your photos! For weddings, it usually takes about 4-6 weeks. For all other shoots, it can take between 7-10 business days. I will make sure to work diligently for you! Hey, you might even get a little sneak peek! Just saying...

  • Should I have 1 photographer or 2 at my wedding?

    A second photographer is highly recommended if you’re aiming to emphasize the photojournalistic element of your photography, or if you have a large number of wedding guests. This also ensures that every moment you want captured is not missed. Two photographers can work together to achieve excellent coverage of your entire day, with true photojournalistic excellence. Two is better than 1! :)

  • What if I want to order an item that is not included in my package?

    I offer many products and services that are not included in our main packages. From frames to signature books to canvas prints and albums, I can help you order anything for your wedding photography needs. If you’ve seen it, I can order it for you! Have More Questions? Contact Tiffany :)

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